Employment Opportunity

Distributing clean energy effectively fights climate change. 

Power Precision is providing new solutions to distribute and control electricity safely for

At our shop in Bathurst, we design, build and maintain electrical equipment for
renewable energy, industry and electricity distribution.  

Power Precision is presently seeking highly motivated individuals with university or
college education.

We have opportunities for
❑    an engineer or technologist skilled at designing electrical and mechanical
❑    material sourcing, management and quality assurance
❑    project management, development and estimating

Power Precision prioritizes the following skills.
❑    problem research and solution development
❑    respectful communication
❑    organization
❑    attentive to details and quality

Power Precision we support the concept of "B Corporationss" and strive to balance
business with purpose to positively impact the environment, communities, business,
workers and customers.

Send applications and inquiries to hr@powerprecision.ca

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