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Paralleling Switchgear for Generators and Microgrids

Power Precision builds paralleling switchgear with controls that synchronize and connect generators and microgrids to the utility.

Synchronize hydro, diesel, landfill gas, hydrogen, solar, wind or other electrical sources of energy together and with the grid.

Connect generators in parallel with the electrical utility supply and operate the generator at a set KW output.

Change traditional transfer switches to synchronizing switchgear.

Generators can provide savings on electricity bills by "peak shaving" the KW demand charge. 

The same generator can be used for backup power and electricity savings.  


See the information below about how reducing KW demand by 1000 KW in 1 month can result in over $150,000 in savings in 1 year !

Your backup generator can pay for itself!


Generator Microgrid Control Diagram

Backup generators converted for peak shaving

NB Power - What is Peak Power?

NB Power - Peak Rebate Program

NB Power - Peak Rebate Program Guide

The 2020 NB Power Peak Rebate Program Guide has added "alternate power sources parallel with the utility subject to review and approval by NB Power"

Electricity Savings by Reducing Demand

Electricity Metering and Billing


A demand charge of $14.55 per KW reduced by 1000 KW is $14,550 in savings in 1 month. The large industrial rate schedule applies 90% of the KW demand in Jan, Feb, March, Dec to all 12 months. Which means KW demand savings can be applied in other months without operating the generator.

A reduction of the KW demand by 1000 KW in 1 winter month can provide savings of $158,595 in 1 year! ($14,500 + 11 x 90% x $14,500)

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