Breakers and Switchgear - Low Voltage - Below 1KV 
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Power circuit breakers should be upgraded with electronic trip units with arc flash safety features.  Power Precision rebuilds and modernizes low voltage power circuit breakers with new solid state trip relays with the following features:

  • LT, ST, INST, GF current trips
  • Voltage alarms and trips
  • Sluggish breaker detection
  • Self test feature with LED indication
  • Time stamping of events
  • Real time metering of A, V, KW, KVA, PF and more
  • Waveform capture
  • Network data communication of meter data and settings for central data collection and settings management
  • USB port for reading of metering data and programming settings without opening cubicle doors (additional door mounted display will also be available soon)
  • External maintenance mode selector for activation of faster trip settings for arc flash energy reduction during maintenance
  • Handheld plug-in trip controller for tripping of breaker from a distance
  • Programmable scheduled maintenance interval
  • Remote QUICK-TRIP® arcflash mode control
  • Remotely closeable E/O breakers

Arc flash safety can be improved by connecting new breaker trip units to a communication network.  The breakers can then be monitored online for the above metering parameters, breaker status, time stamps, breaker settings, alarms and central management of all breaker settings and maintenance data from a safe, central location.

AC Pro II Data Sheet

LV Breaker Arc Flash Safety Features

Remote displays and handheld remote breaker controls can also be used to operate and program the breaker from outside the arc flash boundary.  Click the link above for more information.

Smart 1-Line

Smart 1-Line is a modern turn key solution for monitoring your breaker trip unit network at one convenient location. It displays a field-configurable electronic one-line diagram with breaker readings, status, electrical metering, sluggish breaker alarms and more.

  • Rugged, fanless, touch screen industrial computer
  • Solid state drive
  • 21.5" high-definition touch screen

Video of Smart 1-Line

Circuit Breaker Maintenance

For arc flash and worker safety, CSA recommends regular testing and maintenance of circuit breakers.  See information from CSA below.

CSA M.4.1 Circuit Breaker Maintenance Frequency

We can upgrade breakers or supply breakers to match.  Examples of breakers in our stock are listed in our Online Store.