Electric Vehicle Chargers

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Electric vehicles are changing the way that we use electricity.   Some Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers, serve 1 purpose, charge the batteries on the vehicle.  But there is a second type of EV charger, a bi-directional, or Vehicle to Grid (V2G) charger.   In addition to charging EV batteries, V2G chargers allow energy to flow from the EV battery back to the home. 

Using V2G chargers have more than 1 additional benefit.

V2G chargers use the batteries on your EV

1. as a backup energy source to supply your home with electricity when the normal electrical utility supply is not available.

2. to supply electricity to your home to reduce electricity consumption from the utility when electricity rates are high or to reduce peak kw demand charges.   This can result in substantial savings in electricity bills in locations where energy rates vary during the day or billing includes peak kw demand charges.

Power Precision provides engineering and installation for commercial and multiple V2G installations.