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600V Power Circuit Breaker Trip Unit Upgrade

This breaker was brought to Power Precision to be cleaned, tested and upgraded with a new trip unit.

Work included

  • Dry ice clean all components
  • New trip unit installation including sensors, trip actuator, auto trip reset and programmer with the following features:
    • Data network communication for network access to settings, metering and trip event data.
    • Trip settings for long, short, instantaneous, ground and phase unbalance.
    • Multi line LCD display showing actual voltage and current metering values, settings and trip event data.
    • Self-test feature with LED indicator.
    • Sluggish breaker detection.
    • Voltage trips and alarms.
    • Wave form capture.
    • Time stamping of multiple trip events.
    • Door mountable USB programming port.
    • Voltage, Frequency, Power & Energy Metering.
    • Provides control voltage from breaker bus for data communications via network.
  • Breaker operation tests, electrical and mechanical.
  • Contact measurements and adjustments.
  • Trip unit testing and calibration.
  • Electrical testing as per NETA.


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