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Electrical Generator Synchronizing Switchgear

Existing generators at water and waste water facilities have been converted to provide electricity on demand for the electrical utility.

These 2 generators are 600 V, 800 KW and 1200 KW.

The electrical utility will be controlling these generators remotely over SCADA from the central office.  Adding generation to the distribution grid in strategic locations has many benefits including:

  • reducing electrical losses from transmission lines, transformers, distribution lines
  • added voltage support on the distribution
  • avoid the cost to increase system capacity to meet short term peak electrical demand
  • reduce peak KW demand charges

The peak KW demand is higher in winter months and determines the KW demand charge that is applied to subsequent monthly bills throughout the year.  This creates an opportunity to operate the generator a few times a year for a short duration to reduce the peak KW demand charge that may be applied to all months. 


Power Precision designed and built new 600 V, 3000 Amp and 1200 Amp switchgear to replace the existing transfer switches.  The new switchgear bus was designed to bolt directly to the supply and load bus in the adjacent switchgear on both sides.

The new synchronizing controls start and actively synchronize the generator and operate the switchgear.  The controls are mounted in a separate panel away from power components for arc flash safety.  The controller is connected via Ethernet to the utility SCADA system for remote control and monitoring of the generator and switchgear.  

With the new switchgear and controls, the same generator will provide electrical power generation for peak-shaving in addition to maintaining its function as a backup generator.  

For peak shaving operation, the generator will synchronize and operate in parallel with the electrical utility and backfeed electrical power onto the electricity grid.  In the event of a power failure from the electrical utility, the generator will provide electricity isolated from the utility until utility power returns.

With the ability to synchronize, the generator will connect and disconnect without any disruption to the electrical supply for testing and peak shaving operation.  It also makes a bumpless transfer back to utility power when restored after operating as an islanded source to the local facility.


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Electricity Metering and Billing


NB Power Large Industrial Demand Charge

$14.55 / KW demand


NB Power Small Industrial Demand Charge

$14.44 / KW demand

calculated from $7.14 / KW demand + $7.30 / KW demand due to energy rate increase from 6.54 cents to 13.84 cents per kwh x 100 kwh / KW demand



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