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Arc Quenching and Sensing for LV and MV Switchgear

Arc flash mitigation for NEW and EXISTING switchgear, Low and Medium Voltage.


Arc quenching devices quickly extinguish arcing faults in low and medium voltage switchgear with the following benefits:

  • Reduced arc flash energy to typically less than 1 cal/cm
  • Operates to discharge energy in only a few milliseconds
  • Reduced risk of injury during operations and maintenance
  • Arc fault damage to equipment reduced or eliminated
  • Applicable for new or retrofit installation
  • Reduced total switchgear and building cost
  • Self monitoring
  • Alarm on erroneous condition
  • Testing mode for functional check

Power Precision offers arc flash mitigation and quenching solutions from various manufacturers.

Watch the example video below for more information about arc quenching.

Video 1

Arc quenching systems are very fast acting devices, operating typically in approximately 5ms or less from arc detection in order to create a parallel low impedance path for the fault current.  The arc is extinguished before pressure builds up.  Arc quenching systems have proven to be very effective when utilized in conjunction with high speed detection arc flash systems.

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