AQ-E215 Energy Management IED

AQ-E215 energy management IED that integrates kWh metering with billing-level accuracy and fault location functionality in one single piece of equipment.

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    The combination of highly accurate measurement technology and fault detection algorithms allows the AQ-E215 to be applied to various applications: volt/VAR optimization, power loss tracking, and the reduction of power outages via accurate fault locating. The AQ-E215 communicates to SCADA and DMS systems with various standard protocols, which makes your power distribution grids smarter while the cost remains affordable.


    • kWh metering at billing-level accuracy (class 0.2S)
    • Input for volt/VAR optimization
    • Directional and non-directional overcurrent and earth fault detection for accurate fault locating
    • Intermittent/transient earth fault detection
    • Impedance calculation for short-circuit fault locating
    • Detection of voltage presence
    • Disturbance recorder for fault analysis
    • A full set of communication protocols