AQ-P215 Power Monitoring IED

AQ-P215 novel power monitoring IED for demanding metering and power monitoring applications

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    AQ-P215 offers a unique combination of high-accuracy power and energy measurement of class 0.2S, with a dynamic measurement range of up to 250 A (secondary current). Data logging in the flash memory is freely configurable, and the programmable logic and disturbance recorder features allow for a variety of power quality monitoring applications. AQ-P215 communicates using various protocols, including the IEC 61850 substation communication standard.


    • Accuracy class 0.2S
    • Patented frequency-independent measurement
    • The frequency-tracking algorithm guarantees measurement accuracy at 675 Hz
    • Power quality analysis (harmonics, THD and disturbance recording)
    • Ultra-fast Modbus/TCP communication (5 ms update interval)
    • A powerful disturbance recorder with a sampling rate of up to 64 samples per cycle
    • A dynamic measuring range of up to 250A (secondary current) – effective disturbance recording when coupled to a protection current transformer
    • A calendar feature with automatic adjustments for daylight savings time and leap year
    • Programmable logic functions
    • An extensive data logging capability